Here is some information and frequently asked questions about trial lessons. If your question has still not been answered please contact the club or ask an instructor at the club.

Important safety information.

Prior to your flight, in accordance with the British Gliding association policy, we have an obligation to point out some important safety issues to you.

  • Before you fly with us you will be asked to sign a declaration stating that there is no medical reason why you should not fly. If you are unsure please ask your instructor for clarification.
  • Gliding is an exciting and challenging sport. Compared to commercial flying (in a holiday jet, for instance), it does have some inherent risks. However all our instructors are trained by the British Gliding Association and their instructor ratings renewed annually.
  • We do not provide “joy rides”! When you fly with us you are taking part in a “trial lesson”, and are classified as “2nd pilot”.
  • The first lesson we teach all pilots is “look out”. Both pilots help to keep the flight safe using “ See and avoid”- we are actively looking out for other aircraft whilst we are flying. Your instructor will explain how to do this.
  • Loose objects in powered aeroplanes and gliders have caused accidents. Please ensure you do not have any loose objects in your pocket (for example, a dropped object could jam the controls). For this reason a camera or video equipment is not permitted on a trial flight.
  • You may be asked to wear a parachute for your flight as part of the flying equipment. We use emergency parachutes only. Prior to the flight your instructor will brief you on how to exit the aircraft and deploy the parachute in the event of an emergency.
  • If at anytime during your flight you feel unwell, please tell your instructor immediately and he will bring the glider back to the airfield and land as soon as possible.
  • Remember the flight is yours. Your instructor will encourage you to fly the glider as much as is appropriate but please do not feel you have to do more than you are comfortable with.

If you are unsure about any of the above points please ask your instructor or one of the launch crew to explain fully prior to your flight.

Frequently asked questions

  • Question - What is the cost of a trial lesson?
  • Answer - The cost is £125
  • Question - Is there a weight limit?
  • Answer - Yes, if the person is over 15st please contact the club before booking.
  • Question - How long will the flight last?
  • Answer -Around 15 to 20 minutes but a little longer if conditions permit
  • Question - Is there a minimum age?
  • Answer - No, height and weight are more important

  • Question - What should I wear?
  • Answer - Trainers or flat shoes, jeans or trousers, preferably a shirt or blouse with a collar as harness straps can rub. Sunglasses are recommended.
  • Question - I have a voucher, what should I do?
  • Answer - Details are on the voucher but all you have to do is phone the club on 07784 732648 (weekdays 7-9pm and weekends) to arrange your booking.
  • Question - What do I do on the day of my flight?
  • Answer - Gliding is weather dependent. It is advisable to phone on the day of your flight just to confirm that the weather is suitable.
  • Question - What if the weather is not suitable?
  • Answer - Your flight will be re-arranged.
  • Question - What height does the flight go?
  • Answer - You will be aero-towed to 2000 feet above the airfield.
  • Question - Do I get to fly?
  • Answer - You will get the opportunity to take control of the glider and have a go for yourself.
  • Question - Who flies with me?
  • Answer - You will fly with a BGA qualified instructor.
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