One day gliding course

Are you interested in gliding but are not sure what it is really all about? Then the intensive one day course might be for you.

Come and spend the day with us at Dorset Gliding Club and get a real idea of what it is all about. The offer includes 2 Aero-tows each to 3000 ft plus briefings and logbook.

The day will typically include ...

  • Arrive by 9 am
  • A briefing about the day over coffee
  • One to one tuition
  • Assist in preparing the field for flying
  • Assist in preparing the gliders, winch and other equipment
  • Flying briefing
  • Aero-tow to 3000 ft, your first hands-on lesson
  • De-briefing
  • Assisting at the launch point
  • Lunch (bring a packed one)
  • Afternoon briefing
  • Aero-tow to 3000 ft
  • De-briefing

Should you then be interested in full membership the flying undertaken during the day will be charged at member rates and the remainder of the £199 fee can be either offset against the cost of membership or added to your flying account. The full membership price list can be found here.

If you are interested then drop us an email, our contact form can be found here. Alternatively, pop into the club and have a chat.

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