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Dorset Gliding Club's New Tug Aircraft


Dorset Gliding Club’s brand new Eurofox has now entered service, providing aerotows for our members and visitors enjoying air experience flights.

 The Eurofox is a modern and efficient platform for the club.  The new tug aircraft provides good climb rates whilst towing gliders.  The modern water-cooled Rotax engine allows rapid descent back to the airfield reducing turn around times between launches, and also gives much more fuel and cost efficient operations.

 The modern engine together with the “DUC Windspoon” propeller, has resulted in a quieter aircraft, which is important for the environment and the local residents.

 The Eurofox operates on a permit to fly issued by the Light Aircraft Association.  This aeroplane is becoming a firm favourite amongst gliding clubs, with more than a dozen examples now flying as tug aircraft in the UK.  The aircraft was financed entirely by the club's members, and promises to allow them to pursue their sport of soaring over the beautiful Dorset countryside for the foreseeable future.

 The club is always pleased to see visitors, both those new to gliding and reciprocal members from other gliding clubs. We look forward to welcoming you!

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