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Price List for 2023/2024( valid from 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024 )

Please note that anyone who takes an introductory flight and then decides to become a member will have their introductory flight fee credited towards their membership fee and will be charged for the introductory flight at club rates.

Those who join as full flying members will be charged an additional one-off joining fee of £80

Introductory Flights

Trial Lesson
One Day Course £250
Introductory Flight£125

Jurassic Coast Run £250

The Mile High Club £250
Group winch POA - Use contact form
Group Aerotow

POA - Use contact form

Subscription New Joiners ( Full flying fee + £80 )
Full flying member  £440
Junior full flying ( under 21 )


Country member (full flying) £220

Junior country (full flying) £110
Associate member

Winch £10 - Junior £4.50
Cable break
Aero-tow - 2000ft


 ... then per 1000ft £10

Club glider per minute in air
£0.44 - Junior £0.22

Facility Fees/Camping Overnight camp
£5.00/Per person per night

Glider facility fee £155
Motor glider/aircraft £200
Caravan £135

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