Price List for 2018/2019 (valid from April 1st 2018)

Note that any trial lesson who then takes up membership is refunded a proportion of the original trial lesson fee such that the fee is equivalent to standard club rates.

The Dorset Gliding Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club, and fully supports the promotion and participation in the sport of Gliding. Want to fly with us, but worried about the cost? To discuss options (in confidence), please contact the club treasurer by emailing:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

New joiners pay the annual fee plus an additional £80 joining fee.

Voucher/Visitor flight Air Experience flight/Trial Lesson £100
Mini Course or Coast Run £225
Mile High Club
Group Winch (10 persons min) contact club
Group Aero-tow (10 persons min) contact club
Subscription New Joiners (full flying fee plus £80 joining fee)
Full flying member  £400
Junior full flying (under 21, no joining fee) £200
Country member (full flying, no joining fee) £200

Junior country (over 50 miles, full flying, no joining fee) £100
Associate member (no joining fee) £50

Winch £8.00
Cable break
Aero-tow - 2000ft £32
 ... then per 1000ft £10
Club glider per minute in air
Overnight camp
Facility Fees Glider facility fee £130
Motor glider/aircraft £400
Caravan £130