Information for visitors


Visiting glider pilots intending to fly their own glider from the field, please use the contact form.

Due to planning and leasing constraints, we can only give permission for motor gliders from other clubs to visit the field.

No other powered aircraft can be accepted.


Our members and instructors will be delighted to talk to you and show you around, but we do ask that you report to the clubhouse and observe safety regulations for an active airfield. Tea, coffee, cold drinks and toilet facilities are available at the clubhouse. Please read the safety information below.

********** Safety *********

  • Unauthorised cars are not permitted on the airfield. Please use the car park provided.

  • Keep to the boundary fence when walking on the airfield.

  • Keep a constant lookout all round. You may not hear an approaching glider. Gliders may land from any direction and at any point on the airfield.

  • If an approaching glider is heading towards you, STAND STILL. The pilot will avoid you.

  • Keep well away from launch cables. They may move without warning. Look out for falling cables.

  • Do not walk in front of a glider with its wings level. It may be about to take off.

  • Gliders can be severely damaged by mishandling on the ground. Do not attempt to handle a glider unless specifically asked and make the person aware that you are a visitor.

  • Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

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