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Being a member - The Real Costs

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The real costs

So, how much does gliding really cost?

Once you have paid your joining fee and annual subscription you pay for your launch type and time in the air on a per minute basis.

As a raw recruit it is recommended that your first flight is and aerotow, so, you pay the aerotow fee and the time in air fee. You can expect your first flights to be in the region of £40-45.

Generally, your flying as a trainee will normally be 2 or 3 winch launches with many flights being relatively short, in the region of 5 minutes. Where possible flights will be longer. So, for a typical days training you pay for the 2, 3 winch launches plus your time in the air.

If conditions permit and you are able to stay in the air longer, say for 20 to 30 minutes, then it is likely that you will only have the one flight that day.

On average the cost is in the region of £40-50 per week. However, if you cannot afford that much you could fly once per fortnight. Your progress will be slower and the cost to solo will ultimately be higher but your weekly cost is reduced. 

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