Parachutists - are they human?

I never had a problem with parachutists, indeed my encounters with them in the air were rare. I never thought of them as super – human, more as almost human and I never had any desire to join their ranks.

First encountered at Tarrant Rushton, we had no parachutists there, but, every Christmas, we held a party for member’s children and Compton Abbas always came to our rescue. They had power flying, gliding and parachute clubs operating cheek by jowl out of a very small flying field.  Father Christmas parachuted into an area of the T/R where the landing could not be observed from the clubhouse and a couple of minutes later a red clad figure with a sack full of goodies emerged to join the party. A great time was had by all and the Children’s entertainer, Sammy Sunshine, stayed on and joined the fun until, many pints later, he put on another show as Sammy Smut.
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