Intensive 1 day gliding course. £199
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4000 ft Coast Run £199
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Mile High Club £250


Price List for 2017/2018 (valid from April 1st 2017)

Note that any trial lesson who then takes up membership is refunded a proportion of the original trial lesson fee such that the fee is equivalent to standard club rates.

New joiners pay the annual fee plus an additional £78 joining fee.

Voucher/Visitor flight Air Experience flight/Trial Lesson £99
One Day Course £199
Coast Run
Group Winch (10 persons min) contact club
Group Aero-tow (10 persons min) contact club
Subscription New Joiners (full flying fee plus £78)
Full flying member  £390
Junior full flying (under 21, no joining fee) £195
Country member (full flying, no joining fee) £195

Junior country (over 50 miles, full flying, no joining fee) £97.50
Senior full flying (over 70, add £50 joining fee for new members)  £312
Associate member (no joining fee)
Winch £8.00
Cable break
Aero-tow - 2000ft £26
 ... then per 1000ft £10
Club glider per minute in air
Overnight camp
Facility Fees Glider facility fee £130
Motor glider/aircraft £390
Caravan £130
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