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Air Experience Flights

Experience Gliding with Us

Explore the joy of glider flights with our range of thrilling options:


Winch Launch Experience £50: A high adrenaline rush that you will experience no where else. Not for those of a nervous disposition.

Introductory Flight £125: An easy going aerotow to 2000 ft, perfect for all ages. Capture memories with your camera which must be attached to your person during this flight experience.

Jurassic Coast Run £250: A unique adventure over the world-famous coastline, offering stunning views of landmarks like Corfe Castle and Lulworth Castle.

One Day Gliding Course £250: Dive deeper into gliding and club life with two aero-tows, briefings, and hands-on experience in a day-long course.

Join and Glide:

Becoming a member means your gliding journey begins. Get your Welcome Pack and start your training. If you decide to join after one of the above experiences we will credit the fee against your joining fee less the cost of the flight.


For more details, contact us via email or give us a call on 01929 405599.

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