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Membership Benefits

Once you become a club member, you'll enjoy free instruction. Your costs will be based on your chosen launch type and airtime, all detailed in our price list.

Getting Started

Joining is simple. On flying days, add your name to the flying list. Top-listed members enjoy priority and can assist with setup, ensuring a guaranteed flight. Latecomers may not fly.

Training Path

Our British Gliding Association-approved syllabus and badge scheme guide your progress. You'll learn in a dual-control glider with our qualified instructors. We tailor instruction to your pace and budget.

Safety First

Safety is our priority. You'll not only learn to glide but also the airfield's safe operation, equipment handling, launch management, and more.

Active Involvement

As a member-driven club, we encourage involvement. You can learn various skills and discover new interests while contributing to the club's operations.

Your Glider Pilot Journey

  1. Pre-solo: Focus on glider control, airmanship, navigation, and flight theory. No exams; you'll solo when ready.

  2. First Solo: As you get close to solo your Training intensifies, covering stalls, spins, and emergencies. An unforgettable moment as your skills grow. Your first solo flight is a major achievement.

  3. After Solo: Continue with daily check flights, then weekly checks. As skills advance, you'll work towards the bronze standard and cross-country endorsement, earning your "glider pilot's license."

  4. Ongoing Opportunities: Beyond bronze, set your goals—silver, gold, and diamond badges, aerobatics, competitions, cross-country courses, or even an instructor's course. The possibilities are endless.

The below video is showing Ian Simmonds of DGC getting his 50k, 100k and height gain all in one flight.

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